Finally... a safe, easy way to grip, lift and carry drywall, plywood and cumbersome sheet goods!

The Gorilla Gripper is a brand new, essential hand tool that's ideal for gripping, lifting and carrying a wide variety of construction industry building materials. Materials that are typically large, unwieldy and heavy... like panels of plywood, particle board, drywall, melamine, MDF, glass, marble... and more.

Here's how it works!  The Gorilla Gripper simply and easy slips over the center top edge of panels from 1 up to almost 3 cm thick. With one hand on the handle, your arm bent to an upright position, and

the panel resting on the outside of your arm, bend your knees slightly to get under the handle, keeping your back straight and untorqued! It's easy, saves the back and makes the panel material feel much lighter than when you lift it by hand!

Le Gorilla Gripper significantly reduces stress and potential injuries to your back, shoulders, neck, hands and fingers. Use it once... and you'll use it forever!

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